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360° Experience

In 5 years, the POS will look very different: 38 % of the customers will research on their mobile device while shopping and 34 % will be comparing the prices still in the store (PWC & statista).

With SonoBeacon 360° Experience, the change will be actively shaped - technologization and digitilaziation at the Point-of-Sale.

LED & Video Wall

We tell your message digitally at the POS.

Thanks to state-of-the-art projection, LED and OLED technologies, we can equip all your points of interest with digital screens. Worldwide.


Technology consulting, procurement, assembly and installation until on-site inspection.

Bring your brand story professionally and constantly to the POS with us.

Augmented Reality

With our augmented reality applications, physical objects and rooms can be expanded in real time by a virtual, interactive level.

The Point-of-Sale gets multi-medial and interactive - the reality and virtual world will merge.

Content Management

Digital signage lives from content. As sophisticated as our ambassadors are - the message counts!

Strategic marketing communication and sales promotion is very important to us, because it is the basis for your success!


The right content at the right time in the right place. With Sono360° Smart Content we generate content such as weather and sales data related.

Innovation Consulting

You want to digitise, but do not know exactly which process, where and how the ROI can be represented?

We are your practice partner for systemic and strategic advice in the field of digital innovation consulting.

We are happy to arrange a telephone appointment to discuss the first steps.

Make your projects measurable - with us!

Prime Contractor

You want to start your first digital project or have already implemented some projects and are now looking for a 360° provider, which supports you modularly or fully?


Enjoy the benefits of the Sono360° and let your digital project manage professionally from A-Z.

Interested? Request a live demo!

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