Crowd Management
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Crowd Management

Challenge: secure and accurate information transmission in real time

Crowd management is the ability to identify and – if required – direct a group of people to ensure their safety.

The same technologies can also be used to get people to their destination more efficiently and offer new services based on their behavior. Crowd management is not limited to people on foot. It can apply to people on public transport as well as people in vehicles.

Solution: SonoEdge

Modern sensor technology such as SonoEdge replaces a variety of outdated methods in crowd management, such as video recordings.

The use of various sensor technologies makes it particularly easy and secure to provide tools for crowd management. The open infrastructure of the SonoCloud also enables the integration of a large number of sensors. The collected data can thus fulfill the requested key figures as precisely as possible. Use the comprehensive solutions of SonoCloud now to increase sustainability, increase revenue and create a positive customer experience in crowd management.