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Safety & Warning

Adequate preparation enables a rapid and effective response to an impending disaster. Important components are, in addition to emergency plans, the availability of rescue and emergency services, the rapid and practiced forwarding of warnings and the availability of means of communication.

Inclusion is very important for older people and people with disabilities in order to be able to participate adequately in everyday life in society. Due to the various physical, sensory or intellectual limitations, they have special needs that have so far been insufficiently taken into account in society.

What we can do:

  • Infrastructure-independent communication with real-time data transmission
  • lack of communication backup in case of Internet and mobile network failure in disaster situations
  • simple and effective solutions for the inclusion of all people in our society

How do we do that?

The signal from loudspeakers and sirens is supplemented by a digital tag. The microphone of the mobile device recognizes this tag and provides the user with valuable information, e.g. in text or video form.

The transmission of important and relevant information increases the quality of life of people with disabilities and saves lives in the event of a disaster. Our independent and secure infrastructure increases efficiency and reduces costs!