Digital delivery confirmation: ultra safe, ultra fast and ultra easy!



During the current situation with Corona, more and more emphasis is being placed on smart distancing. A distance of 1.5 - 2 meters to our fellow men is needed, but unfortunately it is not always possible to keep this distance during a regular parcel delivery. 

Furthermore, the risk of direct infection does not only exist through direct contact, but also through the shared use of a technical device.


In addition, the loss of delivery documents is not uncommon. To counteract this, some companies already back up their documents digitally.


And above all, deliveries must be fast - time is money!


Digital data transfer with SonoBeacon

  • The Driver has a SonoBeacon with delivery data and keeps safety distance of 2 meters.

  • The recipient's app loads freight documents for comparison and signature.

Exchange of freight documents

  • Without getting out of the truck

  • Without analogue documents

  • Fast, safe and simple

Without any 
risk of a virus

The app as a major working tool



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