Our digital watermark ensures perfectly fitting advertising messages parallel to the TV

The first watermarks are proven to have been used by 1282 paper mills in Fabriano, Italy, to mark their products. Today watermarks are mainly used for banknotes, shares and passports. The purpose of a watermark, even a digital one, is still the same as it was in Italy at that time: Insert information that identifies where the trustworthy content comes from in a way that is not directly perceptible in everyday use.


A digital watermark is a technical marking in carrier media such as image, video or audio files that is not perceptible. Quasi an embedded messaging. The digital watermark - we call it SonoWatermark - is directly interwoven with the content to be marked.


Example: A television or radio station integrates digital watermarks in the soundtrack of the moving picture of its programme that are inaudible to humans. If viewers have a corresponding app on their smartphone or tablet, these devices recognize the digital watermarks and - matching a TV travel report, for example - an advertising clip of a hotel or car rental company is started or led directly to a landing page. 


This allows advertisers to understand which target group consumes digital advertising, when and how.

Watch, click, shop
Watch television and shop on the side

SonoWatermark, the digital watermark, is an innovative technology that triggers targeted orders in connection with films, documentaries, soaps, sports and music programmes on TV or in streaming and media library services. SonoWatermark can also be used to enhance and enlarge the effect of a classic TV spot. The technology is therefore the ideal addition to the media mix for the advertising industry and an interesting revenue model for classic TV stations, streaming services and video content marketers.   

Retreat into privacy
Opportunity for broadcasters and advertisers

"A great digital retreat into the private sphere is taking place," Spiegel-Online announced back in 2018. 

And it is precisely this continuing trend that the company SonoBeacon is taking up and offering the advertising and media industry with its embedded messaging application "SonoWatermark" an additional, extraordinarily attractive component in the well-established marketing mix. 

A study by Telefonica Deutschland on smartphone use (2019) also shows that the combination of TV and smartphone is particularly attractive from a marketing perspective. "People use their mobile companion to be entertained and to bridge waiting times - for example by streaming films ...". The representative study found that "for 74 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds and 69 percent of 30 to 49-year-olds, the smartphone has increasingly become their personal center of entertainment and relaxation. This is also reflected in usage: While the average use of the smartphone is 2.1 hours a day, more than one in four of the 18 to 29-year-olds (27 percent) even spend more than four hours a day online. Even while watching TV, the mobile phone is in use: the younger the respondents, the higher the second screen usage. Regularly, 57 percent of the 18 to 29-year-olds look at their smartphone while watching TV, and every second person (49 percent) among the 30 to 49-year-olds."

The digital watermark as marketing accelerator
New: TV and streaming with integrated watermarking

"Changing user behavior in TV and streaming offers completely new communication possibilities, to which we are responding with SonoWatermark," says SonoBeacon Managing Director Thoralf Nehls.

In practice, a film or a series, show or advertisement with integrated watermarking, our SonoWatermark, is played out via TV, a computer or laptop. Viewers do not notice the watermarking at all. At the same time, the mobile device (e.g. smartphone) automatically receives the SonoWatermark signal, opens a shopping platform and displays the products or services matching the broadcast content.  

Advertisers can use it to send customers online advertisements directly to their mobile phones or to create analyses of usage and ordering behavior. 

Oue Watermarking Solution at a glance:

  • SonoWatermark:
    The audio track of the video or sound content is underlaid with an imperceptible digital watermark. 


  • API for Mobile App:
    Integrates with existing apps to detect the watermarks in moving image content and guide users directly to a shop with corresponding offers.


  • Mobile Commerce Platform:
    SonoBeacon also provides suitable, customized mobile commerce shop solutions. 

The increase in turnover
The advantages of our embedded messaging application "SonoWatermark"

"I know half my ad spending is wasted money. I just don't know which half." (Henry Ford) Digital marketing could have given the US entrepreneur an immediate answer. Because in the digital world there is transparency and verifiability.

Digital watermarks like SonoWatermark embed every piece of information in digital media such as audio and video. This is achieved by imperceptible, systematic changes in media data. The data always remains a medium of the same type. The watermark does not limit the usage, but extends it. Security and confidentiality of the embedded data are guaranteed by a secret key.

The user only has to actively initiate a data transfer. And then the "interactive messages" can be received from TV and transformed into measurable sales leads for your marketing. The previously missing interaction with the audience is thus a thing of the past. 

The scalability of your marketing and market research capabilities will grow enormously with SonoWatermark. 

Impulse purchases on TV or computer can be realized and measured immediately with SonoWatermark. 

An open technical infrastructure offers you the greatest possible flexibility when implementing our watermarking solution. 

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