The Visible Sound Technology.

The basis of our innovative Visible Sound Technology is ultrasound, a high-frequency audio signal. This enables localisation and communication, especially in closed rooms.

Other components:

  • The SonoBeacon transmitters ("mini" or "maxi" version) for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Our SonoNet app or the SonoBeacon API (for integration into your existing app).

  • Optional: Platform with content management system (CMS) to manage content and beacon (SonoBeacon and / or geofences).

The signal is transmitted from the beacons (transmitters). The microphone in the mobile device serves as the receiver and decrypts the transmitted information.

SonoBeacon technology generates a unique high-frequency signal ...

... which is transmitted via the SonoBeacon hardware or via an existing audio source.

The SonoNet app or your own app enhanced with SonoBeacon technology, ...

... recognises the high-frequency signal and triggers predefined actions (with corresponding information on the display).

Safety and compatibility of ultrasound signals

The frequency range of the human voice is approximately 80 Hz to 12 kHz. SonoBeacon technology is only active in the range above 20 kHz. 

This means conversations remain confidential and are not recognised through the technology.

The generated ultrasound signals are demonstrably harmless to humans and animals.

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