More customer loyalty and growth with ultra-fast customised information transmissions 

Our technology helps to control and analyse the interests and buying intentions of your customers, visitors and guests. The result: higher satisfaction, opportunity for additional sales and stronger ties to the company. By creating motion profiles, the structure of your shop or product placement can also be optimised.

The advantages of Visible Sound Technology at a glance

More customer loyality

  • Through innovative technology: customised information and indoor navigation.

  • Your customers will stay longer at the POS and POI.

Always a hit

  • Precise interaction with guests and customers within a range of 10 m. And thus far more precise than GPS or Bluetooth.

  • Only technical solution that always reaches your target groups precisely in a close range (e.g. a room, a hall) - even where GPS cannot reach. Ultrasound power makes it possible.

Best results

  • Increased sales and more customer satisfaction.

  • New technology that inspires.

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