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Transport services

Reliable Internet access cannot always be guaranteed, especially in train stations or tunnel sections. So that you can still provide your passengers with accurate and trouble-free up-to-date information on the operational process or other notifications, you can rely on the innovative SonoBeacon technology with ultrasound power.


SonoBeacon brings new boost for the stationary retail. Send individual product or further information via ultrasound directly to your customers' mobile devices. Or how about exclusive promotions and competitions at the point of sale? More customer loyalty creates more sales.

Museums & Galleries

Immerse yourself in the life of other cultures or be inspired by impressive works of art and exhibits. Background information about artists and their objects can be transmitted to visitors using SonoBeacon technology without WiFi – in different languages. Use the audio guide directly on your personal smartphone - at your own pace - just the way you like it.


Imagine expanding your brand experience by offering your customers a whole new way to interact with your brand. Whether it's live voting, sweepstakes or exclusive discounts, SonoWatermark deliver interactive content directly to your customer.


We help parcel and express companies save costs and time for end-to-end delivery processes. Our powerful software supports contactless data transfer.

Providers of proximity marketing solutions

The main components of this location-based marketing are beacons, small transmitters with a unique identifier - comparable to a beacon. You communicate with your smartphone - provided the appropriate app or API is installed. This creates completely new, lucrative opportunities in the area of marketing / sales: current and situation-dependent news, multimedia advertising messages, personalised inserts such as special offers or coupons can be precisely placed, or targeted routes to the products you are looking for. All of this makes SonoBeacon technology particularly interesting for integrators of proximity marketing solutions. Our beacons plus API, done. Proximity marketing is ultra-simple.

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