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Location Based Content,

Services & Interaction.

With our innovative SonoBeacon technology, it finally becomes possible to play individualised digital content on your customers’ smartphone - right at the point of interest.

We make

sound visible.

Audio-based information transfer. Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology.


Use Cases.

One technology - multiple applications.
Location Based Services and customer experience on a new level.

360° Experience.

In 5 years, the POS will look very different: With SonoBeacon 360° Experience, the change will be actively shaped - digitilaziation at the Point-of-Sale.



The SonoBeacon network. Competent partners for demanding, individual concepts and solutions.



Our journey has only just begun, but well-known customers are already trusting us in the implementation of their digital strategy.


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Philipp Hennig

Chief Sales Officer

+49 385 3993 390